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In the heat of late summer,
I always try to think about something cooling and refreshing.  That makes me think of winter snowfall, which makes me think of fondly remembered white Christmases.  THAT makes me think, "Oh my gosh, what am I buying for Christmas gifts!"

I start thinking about my relatives who are interested in genealogy and realize that MCC-OGS has a lot of publications to choose from, like these two newest cemetery inscription books.
OR . . . how about a gift membership to MCC-OGS?

" . . . And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world."
Member Benefit: The Navigator  ~~ August 2021  
Come Volunteer With Us!
MCC-OGS is looking for a few members who would be interested in being a volunteer in our Research Room or to be added to a referral list as an independent, paid researcher who would be able to do high-quality research for folks who contact us with requests.
Holding Books

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