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2019 Speakers & Activities

(Some of the pictures will enlarge when you click on them.)

June 2019: Joanna Diehl Exhibit @ the Hollister-Parry Museum

DocFile (2)_edited.jpg
Deihl Art Exhibit brochure_edited.jpg
Deihl Art Exhibit brochure_edited.jpg

July 2019: Karen Romick, "Dating Old Photos"

Karen Romick's Presentation 7-21-2019.JP
Karen Rommick's Presentation 7-21-2019 (
Woman & Mirror Reflection c. 1890.jpg
vintage cardboard photo frame 1.png
Man wearing Derby hat.jpg
antique photo frame 001 copy.png
generic photo.jpg

August 2019: Doris (Indermuhle) Miller, "Home to Switzerland"

Doris Miller in Switzerland.jpg
Doris Miller-Switzerland
Church in Switzerland-DM.jpg
ancestral Indermuhle home
Indermuhle ancestor tombstone.jpg

September 2019: Jeanne Egger Schwall, chairwoman of our MCC-OGS Lineage Societies, will host the Induction & Reception for the newest member of the First Families Society of Monroe County.  Following his induction, Gary Hogue presents a brief overview of his Hartshorn Heritage.

Jean Schwall -Egger- presenting Gary Hog
Jean Schwall and Gary Hogue - 1st Famili
Gary Hogue presents the Hartshorns 9-15-
Dolly Burden last mtng before moving to

We also took the opportunity to wish Dolly Burden safe travels as she moves from Monroe County to be with family in Texas.  Her friendly smiles will be missed;  however, she assured us that she will be back next summer and we certainly hope to see her then.

October 2019: Kim Schaber & Joyce Fetty,  "Mourning in Monroe County"


Small display of early 1900s Jake Weber family  & Geo. Lumbatis funeral mementos.

Adda Butt - hair wreath.jpg

Funeral Hair Wreath created from hair clippings of Adda Butt.  -Shared by Monroe County Historical Society. 

Portrait of Adda Butt.JPG

Portrait of Adda Butt.  Shared by Monroe County Historical Society.

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