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    Welcome to the Monroe County Chapter of the
    Ohio Genealogical Society 

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2022 Schedule of MCC-OGS 

MCC-OGS meetings take place on the third Sunday of each month (except Jan., Feb., & Dec.) at 2:00 at the Monroe County District Library's meeting room.


96 Home Ave.

Woodsfield, OH  43793


Jan. & Feb. = No Meetings


Mar. 20 


Apr. 17: EASTER - no mtng.

May 15 

June 19: No mtng.

July 17

Aug. 1: DEADLINE for Lineage Society Applications

Aug. 21

Sep. 18: Lineage Societies Inductions


Oct. 16

Nov. 20 

Dec. = No Meeting


Jan. 15: Annual Membership                 Fees are due

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What's not to love about Monroe County's winding roads and summer scenery?  You know you want to drive or ride this road.  


"Time keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin'

into the future. . ."  

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Benefits of

Membership in



  - 10% discount off the cost                 of publications

    - Opportunity to become a                 member of our

First Families, Pioneer Families,         and Kline/Cline Family                 lineage societies.                         *The annual application               deadline is August 1st. 

  - BASIC research by an

    MCC-OGS Volunteer.

         - 1st hour FREE 

  - For IN-DEPTH research by an

    MCC-OGS Volunteer, please contact us for hourly fee & other possible related expenses.




      Click to send us an email.


~ Dancing with Ancestors ~
Come & explore your Monroe County genealogy

Genealogy Research Room Volunteers currently available to assist:

Thurs. & Fri: 10-4 p.m. or by appointment.